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Buying your property: how can we help?

We can help you to navigate local laws and regulations by liaising with developers and local attorneys with whom we have excellent relationships. We can structure your purchase efficiently to save you time and money when buying your property and maximise your gain should you decide to realise your investment.

There are important differences in the way that Barbados deals with real estate. Our experience of dealing with Bajan real estate and working with professionals on the island means that we are well placed to guide you through the process.

  • We are familiar with and have negotiated sale purchase agreements and other documentation for new condiminium developments;
  • We understand the concerns of buyers to ensure that the services which are advertised to be provided in a development are procured by the developer for a period of time after completion;
  • We have negotiated the terms of escrow agreements with developers' lawyers which provide buyers with added protection in that stage payments are held in an escrow account rather than being paid directly to the developer to finance the construction;
  • Buyers have commonly acquired Bajan real estate in an offshore company, typically incorporated in the BVI, to address the control over currency exchange. We have in place an efficient procedure to set up a BVI purchasing vehicle if required;
  • We have an excellent working relationship with local attorneys on the island to avoid the need for a buyer to deal directly with a local attorney;
  • We are able to advise on where the risks lie in purchasing a unit off plan and the procedures involved in Barbados;
  • We have a notary in our UK office to notarise the execution of documents which is a requirement of Bajan law.

Buying property in Barbados