Protecting the family

While you are busy focusing on developing a successful career it is also important to consider putting in place structures to protect your family. We work with clients on all aspects of their personal lives, beyond the immediate needs of their working lives.

We advise on all areas of legal planning for their family with many of our City clients putting in place pre or post-nuptial agreements. In the event of a relationship breakdown, as one of the foremost international family law practices, we are renowned for securing the best possible outcome in complex financial negotiations - and in those involving access to children.

Whether married or not, estate planning to safeguard your family and loved ones' future is of utmost importance - this is something that individuals often leave in the ‘too difficult to think about' pile but it should not be ignored. For example, should you die without making a will, UK intestacy rules would come into play. These are very unlikely to reflect your wishes, and may give rise to a significant and unnecessary tax bill - which, in the event of your unexpected death, could fall at the worst possible time.

Should anything go wrong, we have the largest London team of lawyers focused on handling contentious trusts and probate. If you find yourself in dispute over your family's estate or trust structures it can be incredibly time consuming and draining - we can work with you to achieve a quick and quiet resolution.

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