Talking about prenups

How to protect your financial assets and your relationship

More and more couples are having the conversation about getting a prenuptial agreement. Whilst already common in the US and Europe, the popularity of prenups in the UK and Asia is continuing to grow. With the unfortunate reality of over 40% of marriages in developed countries ending in divorce, these agreements can save a lot of stress, heartache, and legal fees if the worst should happen.

The biggest challenge for our clients is broaching the subject with their partner. Sensitivities around a negative reaction, lack of knowledge on what prenups entail, and finding the right time, can all contribute to a feeling of dread before bringing up the conversation.

Our guide to talking about prenups includes advice from our family team who deal with these issues on a daily basis, discussing how to raise the subject sensitively and what the important things are to consider. Clients provide their stories on how they navigated the difficult subject with their partners and what worked best for them.

'I often explain the need for a prenup in terms of insurance. You insure against burglary not assuming that bad things are going to happen, but to make things as painless as possible if they do.'

So how do you think you'll broach the subject? Plan a long walk? Ask lawyers to help? Do you have an international background and other countries to consider? And what sort of provision do you think your prenup should make?

Click here to download 'Talking about prenups' and discover our top ten tips helping you to pick the approach that suits you, your relationship and your situation best.

Our family law teams in Europe and Asia have advised on over 400 prenuptial agreements for clients across the world in the last 5 years. We take a personal approach to prenups, taking into account that each client has a totally different set of circumstances.

'I was in formidable hands at Withers and am so grateful for everything they did for me. They were straightforward, no-nonsense, quick and professional. Everyone I came into contact with was very personable.'

Taking the next step

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