Looking ahead

Wills, inheritance tax, LPAs - these are all stark reminders of mortality. No-one enjoys thinking about them. But not thinking about them is worse.

Our specialist estate planning team have helped thousands of clients with these issues. We can advise you on
which plan is likely to work best for you, and can put it in place quickly, securely and cost effectively.

Particularly now, when economic and political uncertainty are combining to make the future a very uncertain place, we think a no-obligation consultation with us may assist you. If you would like to do so, please take a few minutes to complete our will questionnaire and send it to us. We will then contact you to take matters forward.

To give you an indication of our costs, we set out below what they would be in a normal scenario:

  • Single will: £1,700 plus VAT  
  • Similar wills for spouses or civil partners with children: £2,895 plus VAT  
  • Living Wills: £400 plus VAT  
  • Property and Financial Affairs LPA or Health and Welfare LPA: £1,000 plus VAT per LP  
  • Inheritance tax planning for your pensions or life insurance: initial advice is included in the estimate for the wills noted above (if a trust is required then £1,500 plus VAT).

These figures are of course estimates and may vary depending on your circumstances: for instance, if there is property overseas, or if you or your partner are domiciled abroad.

Thinking ahead...