US election: new team, new rules

The election of President Trump was a surprise that few polling companies foresaw, and individuals, businesses and governments around the world are revising their thinking to understand what the new administration means for them.

One certainty is that President Trump and his team will introduce a swathe of changes to US laws and regulations.  The most likely legal reforms in tax and estate planning could see some dramatic changes for income tax, carried interest income and federal estate tax, amongst others, as well as a reduction in federal corporate tax and an effort to bring corporate profits back onshore.  The impact of these reforms could be significant for the US economy, as well as US and international businesses and individuals. We also expect to see a tightening of America's immigration and visa rules.

There are many other areas of law that may experience significant change, and we anticipate that almost all sectors of business in the US, and with interests in the US, will need to stay informed on these in order to assess what actions they should take.

We will continue to update this page with analysis and advice as information on the Trump administration's policies becomes available, so please check back regularly.

US election: new team, new rules