With your privacy in mind

We are all public figure or private person, company or charity potentially under scrutiny and under threat, all of the time.

Modern technology has made the world a much smaller place. With the advent of the Internet, information anywhere is information everywhere. A news story is no longer tomorrow's fish and chip wrap; and gossip over the water cooler is now a worldwide, permanent publication.

The phone hacking affair grabbed the attention of the public, press and politicians. And the public enquiries, may in due course, show just how deep it ran within Fleet Street. But it serves now as a ready reminder to all of us of the need to protect our private life and confidential information.

The Media and Reputation Management team will:

  • Give practical advice on protecting your privacy
  • Provide ready reminders on reputation and privacy-related issues
  • Provide updates on key themes surrounding your privacy protection
  • Update you on developments of the law as they impact on you

A matter of months before phone hacking grabbed all the headlines, the media was awash with tales of privacy and so-called super injunctions, catapulted into the papers by the Ryan Giggs' affair.

Those of you targeted by others and subject to a threat of publication of private and confidential information may have sensibly sought the protection of the courts and an injunction where there was no public interest or other justification to invade your private life.

Our team will:

  • Provide practical exposure limitation advice
  • Update you on the progress of the privacy inquiry as it unfolds
  • Provide feedback on injunction recommendations and how they impact on your ability to protect yourself

Social networking is a pressing issue for privacy protection. We will:

  • Give practical advice on the pitfalls of social networking
  • Give advice as to how to safely engage with it and others on it
  • Provide updates on relevant juridical decisions

We are social creatures. But we need some space for solitude, some possibility of privacy in order to enjoy our own personal autonomy.

Withers Media and Reputation Management team aims to preserve that private place for you, working with you... with your privacy in mind.

With your privacy in mind