Improvements to Internet access mean that you can read your e-mails or surf the web from anywhere in your house or garden.

But, what about the pavement outside your house or the house next door? Unless your network is secure, it is surprisingly easy for an opportunist hacker to benefit from your network connection and even to read your e-mails if your account is open.

Simply because this problem has not yet had the same level of prominence which the media has given to phone hacking, does not mean that it cannot and will not happen to you.

To avoid this please ensure that:

  • Any wifi network you have at home is security locked. Whilst a geographically close opportunist may be able to see that the network exists, they will not be able to hack into your Internet connection or read your e-mails
  • The factory setting pin codes and security passes are changed on any wifi box that you have purchased from a supplier. Each provider's codes will be sequential and potentially identifiable, and should be replaced with a safe alternative

If you have any questions or concerns regarding phone hacking issues, please feel free to contact the Media and Reputation Management team for further information.

With your privacy in mind